A New Year and New ways to buy CrookedfingerArt!

Kim Cadenhead

I have been very busy working on making new art and also finding new ways to get my images out into the world for others to enjoy.

I have recently begun to offer prints on canvas and paper here on my Website so that you can purchase the piece and size that you want in the medium that you want and then have it printed and sent directly to your home from my print shop.  Then you can frame and hang or gift the art!

I am also excited to offer the images in JPEG format in my Etsy store...Crookedfingerart

You can pay a small fee for the image...then a file is emailed to you for you to save and take or send to your own favorite print shop.   You can choose your own size and framing options...have the art printed on canvas, paper or as a poster.

Happy New Year to all!!!  I hope this year brings you all the health, wealth and happiness you desire!

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