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Kim Cadenhead

Pink Posies

Wow!  I can really feel the energy of a new year and new adventures!  After attending an awesome workshop in December at Donna Downey's Studio in North Carolina I have felt the shift!  I came home from that trip and got the paints out and have been at it ever since.  

I have also been given an opportunity to have space at a local Farmer's Market on Wednesdays here in the Cayman Islands at Camana Bay to offer up my wares that I produce locally.  

I tend to shift back and forth in multiple mediums.  I love working with fabric and a crochet hook to create Upcycled Beach Totes and Rag Rugs in funky color combinations using recycled fabrics that I source from local thrift shops.  Its a very meditative activity to be able to sit and put my body on autopilot while listening to internet radio or "watching" a TV show.  I hook away and before I know it a rag bag, rug or basket has appeared.

When I have exhausted the crochet, I then pick up a paintbrush and get busy with a canvas or with some paper, paint pens and gesso etc. and get into a more active mode of creativity for me...putting a vision that has begun in my mind down on something for all to see.  

I like to create work that gets a reaction...I don't want to make things that are just "there"...I want you to look at my work and say....I love it...I like it....Its not for me...whatever...just some kind of reaction rather than nothing.

I love what I am doing!  How many of us can say that?  I am feeling very blessed to be able to pursue my dreams and to see where this year will take my art and in my life!

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  • Love this Kim – you inspire me!!!!!


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