New Items being added as fresh Art flows!

Hi All! 

I have been on a big learning curve getting to know the format and the ins and outs of running my new Web based store.  As I learn and add new items, I am continuing to make fresh art on a daily basis.  The creative juices are flowing!  

Purchases that have been printed and shipped have started to get back to me with feedback....I am happy to report that everyone seems to be really pleased with the quality of the images and the has been mentioned..that makes me so thrilled!

I am just tickled at the thought of people sipping coffee out of cups with my Owls adorning them or strutting around in t-shirts with my kooky Angels on them! 

I know I am a bit of an unconventional artist...I like to make pieces that will provoke a reaction...a snort...a smile...or a...Oh yeah...I feel that way too!

I hope you have fun checking out what is on offer here and that you check back often as I make new work and add stuff!

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