Time Will Tell

Kim Cadenhead

It would appear that all I seem to be attracted to these days are Owls, Bugs and Ugly Angels!

When I stare down a blank canvas and search my notebook for inspiration, these three things pop to the top of my consciousness and the next thing I know one or the other of them are staring back at me....they all seem to have clear messages...I guess that is what I am trying to say to all of you deep down one piece at a time.

My newest Angel that has been added to the Crookedfingerart lineup is a blue haired lady #bluehairdontcare who has a big old watch face that she is holding onto....TIME WILL TELL......that is what she said to me....yes...time will tells a lot of things and sometimes it blows you away when you look back on what it has said.

With today bringing in the month of November and the year 2016 beginning to wind down all I can think of is that, YES, only time will tell.  I have poured all of my energy into this new venture here @ and as an artist working alone in my studio making things that tickle my fancy and make me laugh...who's to know how it will be recieved by the rest of you out there?.....Thankyou Milady......I will heed your advice and let time tell me.

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