Welcome Fall!

It's been a busy summer and boy did it fly by quickly!  I've been busy crocheting new bags for my stall in the Cayman Islands @ Camana Bay.  I have also been painting in Acrylics.  I recently attended a painting workshop at Donna Downey's Studio in Huntersville, NC  I was thrilled to be taught by Ardith Goodwin of Mobile Alabama   Best workshop ever!  Ardith is an inspired teacher and artist.

The workshop was focused on Painting the Imaginative Face.   A series of light bulb moments went off in my head all weekend long!  It's so great to be in a workshop setting with other people who "get" you and feel the same way you do about the creative process.  So many talented artists and new friends.

Learning to paint faces!

We also did some work with "Fractured" was mind expanding..I love the contemporary look that you can achieve! 

My first fractured face.

I am going to be uploading some new products using some of my latest work after being inspired to paint new things!  Keep watching the website and I will also make some items available through my Etsy shop. 

Bring on the cooler's been super hot this summer here in the Caymans and I could use some cooler breezes.  

Be sure to check out all my latest work on my Instagram account @crookedfingerart

A happy customer! 

My bags are not available on the Crookedfingerart website BUT if you see something you like on my Instagram feed please feel free to contact me to see if arrangements can be made to get it to you.  Shipping from the Cayman Islands can be expensive but I have found ways to get my bags to the States to be shipped more affordably as long as there is no rush for the item.  I can ship from the Island if you don't paying a little more for shipping.


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