Hi all, I'm Kim! Welcome to my shop Crookedfinger Art, where I offer original artwork, fashion and home goods all created using my own designs!

Crookedfinger Art is an expression of my personal style and creative impulses.

The name comes from an interesting point of fact - I have two crooked pinky fingers, a result of a genetic glitch. It's my own little quirk! 

I work in my studio/home and share my space with my Husband and a Shih Tzu fur baby....my human babies have all grown up!

At Crookedfinger you will also find jewelry, footwear and accessories that have been curated by me and reflect my brand aesthetic.    

Feel free to contact me at info@crookedfingerart.com

Be sure to also visit me on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest!

If you're interested in purchasing my original artwork for download (to print at your favourite print shop), you can also find me on Etsy.  

Thanks so much for stopping by to take a look at my work! 


Wear it. Live it. Love it.